People are good at stereotyping, because ever since the beginning of time we humans have liked to categorize people and put them into boxes of various sizes in order to organize the space in our brains a little bit better. That’s why every country is generally perceived according to a few stereotypes, which briefly describe its habitants and in a way, make us feel better about ourselves. The more I travel, the more I realize stereotypes are never completely true.

Italians are crazy about food. Restaurants, bistros, and pastry shops are literally everywhere, and there is hardly any social gathering or event you can think of which doesn't include buffets, snacks, or even entire meals. But among so much food, it can sometimes be very hard to choose the place to have a tasty meal. Our reporter’s guide to Rome for food lovers will help you and your stomach to navigate the search for food in the Eternal City.

We have decided to follow the post-EURO 2016 trend and take a closer look at Iceland and its fascinating culture. Get ready to be amazed by Icelandic customs that will make you want to jump on a plane to visit it.

If you are planning to come to Rome, besides seeing the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, or the Pantheon, you would probably be curious to check out the secret keyhole through which you can see the Vatican, the charming alleys of the Jewish district, and the “city within the city” of the Aventine Hill. However, with the limited time and budget that you have, you might think there’s no way to do it without paying huge fees to tour agencies. But in a city as amazing as Rome is – there is a place exactly for you.

Our trip continues. You have been introduced to China’s most important large cities and have encountered their modern lifestyles and rich history. Now it is time for something else, a journey back to the past and a world of ancient Chinese cities that have remained unchanged for centuries. These are towns that are located in remote areas and have not experienced rapid development and modernization. So we will board a train that will take us thousands of kilometers from Beijing, Shanghai, or Chengdu and will also take us back in time. The most interesting ancient towns that YT contributor Danilo Hinic, who has lived in China for 5 years, will introduce you to are Fenghuang and Lijiang.

People have different tastes and preferences when it comes to choosing their next holiday destination. Many tourists prefer to spend their holidays in Europe’s most famous cities. But what if people shift their focus from Western Europe and move a little bit towards the East. Not the very Far East, just far enough to get you to a unique country that has fascinated travelers throughout the years: Georgia, the pearl of the Caucasus. We chose a few of these things to share with you and invite you to a real Caucasian journey.

As you all know  International Youth Summer School will take place in Chinese capital Beijing! Whether you’re joining us there at the School or planning to visit this marvellous country during your next trip, we would like to share with you some travel tips for China from our contributor Danilo Hinic who has lived there for 5 years.

Although Milan is mostly associated with luxury brands and high prices, there are ways to spend your vacation there at a lower cost than you think. Here are a few tips for future Milan visitors on how to get the most for their money.

Spring has almost arrived, and many of us are planning trips around Europe. Paris, London, Budapest or Barcelona – there are so many great cities to see. But if you are thinking about visiting Rome, make sure you read this article before starting to pack, because we have selected the top five out of the many places in Rome which are not on the map of mainstream tourism but are definitely worth visiting.

For a while now, once marginalized cultures have been recovering their former luster. Others that were previously considered as niche are seen today as fashionable. Our new column, scheduled to appear every week, aims to present the revival of various cultures and trends and showcase their modern manifestations in our societies, from art and museums to festivals and nightlife. We will also try to find out the reasons why we are experiencing a comeback of particular cultural phenomena.


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